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WHO: Google Earth
WHAT: Google Releases 2006 Google Earth Election Guide
WHERE: Available in Google Earth (download at
WHEN: Monday, October 23, 2006 – Countdown to the 2006 US elections
WHY: Today Google Earth celebrates the election season with the launch of the 2006 Google Earth Election Guide.

Conceived by Google Earth engineers who found it difficult to find aggregated election information online about races country-wide, the 2006 Google Earth Election Guide serves as an easily accessible resource for users to find information about candidates, voter registration, and campaign financing for the November 7th elections.

The 2006 Google Earth Election Guide includes clickable place marks for all 435 Congressional districts. Each place mark includes:

  • The slate of candidates running for office in that district, with live feeds from Google Web, Image, and News Search for each candidate
  • Campaign finance information from the Federal Election Commission (FEC) and Center for Responsive Politics ( for the district’s candidates
  • A link to voter registration and voter information sites, localized to each state

The 2006 Google Earth Election Guide is available under the Layers tab of the Google Earth sidebar.

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