In the last few years, just like everything else, education too has undergone a tremendous change by going virtual. Today, universities of all shapes and size are offering online courses.

Today, you can get an international qualification sitting in the comfortable confines of your living room, or enhance your career by earning an accredited foreign degree. Even join specialised post-graduate courses and doctorates, or earn the professional qualifications online.

First and foremost check out the school’s reputation. The university should be known to your prospective employers. Find out if the institution/programme is accredited? Proper accreditation can mean the difference between a degree that gets you a new job and a certificate that isn’t worth the paper it’s printed on.
Remember, online colleges and graduate programs are expected to meet the same standards as traditional institutions. Find out about the institution/programme’s history. How long has the institution offered online courses? How are its degrees perceived in the marketplace?

The next thing you should investigate about any prospective institution offering online program is how long the institution has been offering E-learning courses. Even established traditional colleges and grad schools can stumble with their first ventures into online education. And their technical difficulties could affect your learning process.

And make sure you cross check all these details on there are many sites which publish feedback of students/teachers on almost all the distance learning courses and institutions…

Best of Luck…