Some of you have been asking me about books on software testing…

here are the details:

Testing Computer Software, by Cem Kaner
Testing Computer Software is a practical point-by-point guide to everyday software testing, from creating a test plan, to writing effective bug reports, to working with programming staff and management to fix bugs. A realistic, pragmatic introduction to testing consumer and business software under normal business conditions.

If you have time work your way into the following…
Testing Object-Oriented Systems: Models, Patterns, and Tools by Robert V. Binder
Testing Object-Oriented Systems is a guide to designing test suites and test automation for object-oriented software. It shows how to design test cases for any object-oriented programming language and object-oriented analysis/design (OOA/D) methodology. Classes, class clusters, frameworks, subsystems, and application systems are all considered. Practical and comprehensive guidance is provided for many test design questions.

Software Testing in the Real World : Improving the Process by Edward Kit
This book is for anyone interested in improving their test process, including test specialists, product developers, managers, quality assurance specialists, maintainers, project managers, auditors, systems analysts, tool developers, and others whose jobs involve understanding software testing. It offers developers and other people whose work is not primarily in the testing area an opportunity to improve their own specialty through a better understanding of testing.

Handbook of Walkthroughs, Inspections, and Technical Reviews: Evaluating Programs, Projects, and Products, by Daniel P. Freedman and Gerald M. Weinberg
The book spells out procedures to conduct walkthroughs/peer-group reviews, inspections, and technical reviews, with extensive checklists for each type of material reviewed (including specification, design, and code reviews).