Possible error Can be best found by Example
Syntax errors Compiler, Lint Missing semicolons, Values defined but not initalized or used, order of evaluation disregarded.
Data errors Software inspection, module tests Overflow of variables at calculation, usage of inappropriate data
types, values not initialized, values loaded with wrong data or loaded
at a wrong point in time, lifetime of pointers.
Algorithm and logical errors Software inspection, module tests Wrong program flow, use of wrong formulas and calculations.
Interface errors Software inspection, module tests, component tests. Overlapping ranges, range violation (min. and max. values not
observed or limited), unexpected inputs, wrong sequence of input
Operating system errors, architecture and design errors Design inspection, integration tests Disturbances by OS interruptions or hardware interrupts, timing problems, lifetime and duration problems.
Integration errors Integration tests, system tests Resource problems (runtime, stack, registers, memory, etc.)
System errors System tests Wrong system behaviour, specification errors

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