last weekend I had my first experience with white water rafting, frankly speakingI had the time of my life.

This experience was breathtaking, a group of 7 of us booked Innova and started our journey on Saturday morning

We followed Delhi–roorkie-haridwar route, the whether was amazing it started raining heavily when we reached near muzzafarnagar but nevertheless we enjoyed it..we stopped at Moolchand Resort (Scenic beauty of this resort can be sensed by the pics)

We did rafting, cliff jumping, overnight camping on the banks of Ganges! The camping usually has a good meal at night followed by a campfire. Nice setting for a couple! The tents are comfortable and cozy.

While Rafting, there are rapids which are the fast flowing areas of the river, which is the best part. When not near rapids, you can jump off your boat into the water and swim known as body surfing. Totally amazing experience I should say. We stayed in a camp near Shivpuri.

After long time I played volleyball..and played it well too.. šŸ™‚

The rafting was amazing. In a rubber dinghy we paddled down river along about 4 white water rapids. The whole thing had a difficulty rating of I think around 2+ out of five. Natural rollercoasters.

The best bit though was the body surfing, where we all jumped out of the dinghy in our life jackets and just let the river carry us along on its current. This was a gorgeous sensation, just being borne along by the fast flow of the Ganga.



In this type of trip travel with someone who can have loads of fun, is interested in nature and adventure sports and most of all, someone around whom you can be yourlsef ! make sure to avoid those who have a complaining kind of nature,

With the kind of company that I had on this trip, Iā€™m not gonna forget this for a long looong time to come.

And before I finish, I should say its a must do for everyone ! Its a brilliant experience, sure to leave you exhilarating and wanting for more.