Skype users beware, as the VoIP is cautioning its users about a new Windows worm that’s doing the rounds through the company’s chat message service. According to the VoIP operator’s Heartbeat blog, the attack looks like a chat message from a friend that asks them to click on what seems to be a link to a JPEG image; needless to say we all know what it is – a VIRUS FILE.

When the Skype use clicks on the link, Windows is prompted to ask for permission to run a .scr file, which is used for screen savers. If the permission is given, the malware, dubbed Skipi or Pykspa or Ramex, will first try to disable access to security-related websites by modifying the hosts file, and then it installs another data-stealing piece of malware.

It seems Skype is now working with major antivirus vendors to fix the issue and is additionally inducing all its Windows users to update their antivirus software to make sure they have the latest protection.

F-Secure and Kaspersky Labs have issued updated definition files to spot the worm. “We would like to encourage our users to ensure that they are running anti-virus software on their computers and to download the latest anti-virus updates in order to provide the best protection against this and other viruses,” Skype spokesman Villu Arak wrote in the Skype blog.

Adding, “Users whose computers are infected with this virus will send a chat message to other Skype users asking them to click on a Web link” able to infect the computer.

And if you are amongst the ones who don’t fall into the trap easily, then here’s a set of manual instructions that Skype has issued for the removal of the worm.