Here are some CSTE exam questions, I hope u’ll find them useful.

1. Reliability and maintainability are certain Quality factors given explicitly in the requirements. If so,list a few other QFs for a web based project and write the rationale for selecting the same.

2. Acceptance test plan contents and explanation

3.Difference between system test plan and acceptance test plan

4. One question on team building- as a test manager what do you think the important things to have a successful team.

5.What are important Quality factors that u will test for in a multiple workstation scenario taht u will not do in asingle work station scenario.

6.The contents of a system test report

7.List 5 test metrics and explain how u can use them.

8.The UI for a defect managment tool.

9.Which steps in a  testing process are defect prone- explain why?

10.What according to you are the important docs that u wud refer wen u r testing a change that has been made in a project that has been relased.(ie operational)

11.What do u mean by defect expectation. How can u use it for improving the testing process.

12.Mention three techniques for unit testing. State an objective for unit testing,Based on those, how will ensure that the unit tsting has complied to the expectations.