is one of the largest retailers of phone cards, with 459 different phone cards from all major vendors. To provide a convenient shopping experience for their phone card consumers, they have phone cards and calling cards that can be used to make international calls from any country in the world.

As per me International Phone cards are perfect choice for travellers. The rates are very cheap because they use computer systems to connect call originations and destinations.

Choose these cards if:

  • you travel around the world
  • you want to save your hotel longdistance telephone bills
  • you are looking for a convinient and cheap way of calling from any country to any country in the world

One of my friend who is using their services told me that recently they have even introduced calling cards that offer 3% cash back on every purchase.

If you are a student studying in United States or temporarily residing in United States, their low rate 3% cash back prepaid calling cards will certainly provide you with great discounts and lowest rates currently available in the phone card industry. So, you do not have to worry about expensive international rates whenever you call home.

These are prepaid calling cards that are not rechargable and do not offer PIN LESS dialing option.

Just like international call back cards and Permanent PIN cards, these cards offer selective originating and destination countries at lowest rates available in the calling card industry.

I think that if you are using International calling cards then just give a try to GetMeCallingCards and see the benifits yourself.