On tenth January bodies of Desha singh and Manoj kumar arrived Delhi by a special Indian air force aircraft from Iran. These Sepoy’s belong to Indo -Tibetan border police and were killed by a suicide bomber in Nimroz province of Afghanistan where they were providing security cover to Indian engineers of Border roads organisation which is building a multi million dollar road for the Afghans. As Pakistan will not allow overflight for Indian Air force air crafts, we have to take the help of Iran which not only provided all help but also gave immediate emergency treatment to the some 5 jawans who were also injured.
Afghan government which jumps at killing of NATO soldiers did not give any ceremonial sendoff. We can understand that. But for Indian media these soldiers never existed. That is a great pity.

These two jawans died in afghanistan so that we ordinary people can watch our cricket triumph in perth or listen to young indian idols sing..

~Himanshu~ 😦