McAfee Security provides you with a powerful set of virus removal tools, designed to automatically detect and remove viruses that infected your system. These applications are also valuable because of their size, making them easily downloadable even with a slow Internet connection. If you suspect your system to be infected with one of the following viruses, these invaluable FREE tools will allow you to repair any damages to your computer.

Get up-to-date protection today. install an Antivirus at the earliest, thats the most convenient way to protect your PC from computer viruses like Nimda, SirCam, Bugbear and others.

Sasser Removal Tool

Bagle Removal Tool

Zafi Removal Tool

Mydoom Removal Tool

Lovsan/Blaster Removal Tool

Klez Removal Tool

Bugbear Removal Tool

update your Virus Scan software on a daily/weekly/monthly basis…and be secure..