Recently I read an article by Kathy Sanborn in which she talks about staying motivated, in this article she talks about staying inspired with a positive outlook. A lack of motivation is perhaps the main reason people quit striving for their goal before they attain it. It’s all too common for an individual to start out raring to make a great change, only to have the enthusiasm for success fade out almost overnight. So how can you stay inspired as you charge forward to your goals? Simple — just follow these tips to stay motivated!

1) Make sure you keep your goal in mind as you go through each day. Carry your goal with you on a piece of paper, and take it out several times a day to read it to yourself. Remember the old adage, “out of sight, out of mind.” You’ll be more motivated if your goal is always in front of you.

2) Avoid telling everyone you know all about your dreams. The more you talk about what you want to accomplish, the more you dilute your mental power of concentration to make it happen. Besides, some of your friends or relatives may downplay your ideas or criticize your ability to achieve your dreams. Keep your most important goals to yourself in order to maintain your motivational staying power.

3) Write down some positive sayings (affirmations) that inspire you to succeed. Examples of moving sayings are: “I give thanks for my abundance and success.” “All doors now open for happy surprises.” “I am an irresistible magnet for all good things.” Create your own inspirational statements to keep your spirits high.

4) Associate with other cheerful individuals, and avoid people who are negative and glum. To be successful, you will want to keep your focus on your goal – and not on how discouraged you might feel from being around gloomy individuals. Your own mood will stay upbeat and enthusiastic if you surround yourself with friendly and compassionate folks just like you.

If you know any other tips just do let me know 🙂