Human beings are creatures of reason, although those reasons may not always be evident or logical. Nevertheless, we do what we do because it makes sense at the time. And while this may seem like an obvious point, it’s actually among the most powerful principles of human behavior.
In essence, it says that you can get yourself to do anything as long as you can find strong enough reasons to follow through – this is your key to success. By uncovering the answers to “What’s in it for me?” in regard to the things you want, you’ll have the reasons you need to get yourself to take action.
With one of your most important goals in mind, ask yourself the following…
How is getting what you want going to improve who you are as a person? Will this be a great victory that adds greatly to your confidence and esteem? One that will fill you with quiet pride and certainty? Also consider, will success give you new skills or experiences the likes of which you’ve never had? If so, which one exactly? Why will they be important to you?
In what way is achieving your goal going to improve your physical, emotional, or spiritual health? Are you going to live years longer? Have more energy? Less stress? Are you going to be able to handle life’s problems in a more balanced and healthy way? Keep your body free from disease and illness?
How is success going to improve your relationships? If you achieve the goal, will your family or social life improve in any way? How exactly? If not directly, will it change your mood and attitude thereby improving the state of your relationships as a byproduct?
Is the achievement of your goal going to impact your career? In which specific ways? Is it going to make your current job more enjoyable and satisfying? Open up new opportunities for advancement? Perhaps even pave the way for a brand new direction?
Finally, how will your finances be affected by success? Will your standard of living get a boost? Will you be able to put money away in savings to cover an unexpected emergency? Into investments or toward a retirement plan? Perhaps give you the ability to contribute to causes you believe in most?
If you spend just a few minutes today writing down the specific answers to these questions, you’ll have on paper the source of motivation you need for the life of the goal. When you feel like putting off action – or giving in altogether – a quick glance at your list will be enough to get you back on track.

by Jason M. Gracia – Motivation123™