From a running start in the early 1980s to its establishment as one of today’s most effective and astounding anti-aging skin care treatments, Chantal Burnison’s Ethocyn skin care line produces noticeable results. The theory behind the line of products centers on elastin, a youthful compound that improves the elasticity of skin, helping it to bounce back and preventing wrinkles.

Burnison’s Ethocyn skin care products penetrate the outer layer of skin and increase the elastin to collagen ratio, helping to reduce the appearance of wrinkles as well as preventing future wrinkles from forming. This is one of the most effective anti-aging procedures available today, and requires no surgery at all. Simply apply Burnison’s Ethocyn Essence Serum and moisturizers to your skin every day and you can improve the elastin fiber content of your skin to that of 20-year-old skin.

Ethocyn is a synthetic compound, manufactured by Corporation, which blocks certain hormone receptors in skin when applied to skin surface. Research with this agent has shown that it allows the skin of people over 40 (and even in their 70s) to produce elastin fiber tissues of individuals in their 20s.

The first study involved 20 subjects who applied Ethocyn to their skin and who had biopsies done at the beginning of the study and at 2 month intervals during a 6 month period. The increase in elastin tissue was, on average, approximately 100% as qualitatively measured by preferential elastin biopsy stain and computer image analysis techniques. Qualitatively, subjects reported that their skins was “smoother, tighter and less wrinkled.” The findings of this study were presented at the August 2, 1994 American Academy of Dermatology meeting last Fall, as well as at UCLA Dermatology Grand Rounds.