Sites with essays, articles or lists of general interest.
Software Dioxide

A portal for information about software engineering and quality assurance

QA City

Hung Nguyen’s collection of links and articles. Like the Software Testing Hotlist, only easier on the eyes.

Automated Testing

Herb Isenberg’s site contains several papers on automated testing.

BD Online

This website is a case study 1402eb software testing. It contains a sample test plan and requirements document.

The Bug Hunter

A weblog on software quality assurance by Stan Taylor.

Website features weekly columns, archives of papers, and other current information on software testing and quality assurance.

Data Kinetics Software Testing Conference

Online conference featuring online presentations and links to resources.

Rex Black’s Publications

Several papers on testing and test management.

Testing Papers Announce
A listing of software testing papers recently published on the web. A primary reference used by this hotlist.

Methods & Tools

A quarterly newsletter covering software testing and other software development topics.

Eugene Vinsky’s grab bag of information about software testing

Grove Consultants
Automated Testing Specialists

Includes index to articles on automated testing and other testing topics

Bret Pettichord

Features papers on test automation and other testing topics.

Danny Faught

Includes FAQ’s on software testing as well as articles on testing, Unix and Perl.

Satisfice, James Bach’s consulting company

Includes many of Bach’s articles on software testing and process.

Software Research, Inc., a test tool vendor.

Includes Quality Techniques Newsletter (formerly Testing Techniques Newsletter) and Software Quality HotList.

CenterLine Software, a test tool vendor.
Rational, a test tool vendor that gobbled up Pure, Atria and MS test.

Includes dozens of technical papers, including Quality on Time, by Aki Fujimura, an interesting article on scheduling development and testing.

Data Dimensions, consulting and contracting company.

Includes a collections of articles from their newsletter, The Testers Network

Brian Marick’s writings

Includes many of his papers and essays.

RBSC Corporation., consulting, training and contracting.

Includes lots of information about object-oriented testing: articles by Bob Binder, a bibliography, and a list of resources.

Cigital, Inc. (formerly Reliable Software Technologies), consulting and research in software risk management

Includes a few hundred papers documenting original research and the Software Risk Management Hotlist.

Cem Kaner, Testing Consultant, Attorney at Law, and Professor of Computer Science

Includes papers on software testing and the law of software quality.

Software Testing Stuff, by Kerry Zallar

This web site also includes links to other QA resources.

Johanna Rothman

Includes papers on software testing and risk management

Rice Consulting Services

Includes a couple articles.

Systeme Evolutif

Includes testing resources, available to registered visitors.

Software Quality Engineering

Online catalog of software quality books, David Gelperin

4QA, also known as SVP.

Includes sample test code for QA Partner.

Software Testing Institute

Includes a salary survey

Technical Thoughts, by Howard Fear

Short essays on software engineering and testing.

Quality Tree Consulting

Articles and short essays (“ruminations“) on software quality and testing by Elisabeth Hendrickson.

The Center for Software Engineering Research at Florida Tech
Harry Robinson’s Model-Based Testing home page

Contains a comprehensive index to papers on using state models to generate software tests.

Harry Robinson’s papers

Includes papers on model-based testing and international testing.

Chinese Association for Software Quality (CASQ)

A comprehensive web site. Includes excellent linked bibliographies. Automated Software Testing.

Aptest, providing test automation services

Includes Software Testing Resources

BetaSoft, providing test automation services

Includes forums and downloads for popular test tools. Also contains a job board.

Tantara Management Services, software process improvement and quality assurance consulting.

Includes a hotlist of reources.