I love Cyber Monday. I absolutely love it. And, let me tell you why I love it. I can sit in my pajamas all day long in the convenience of my own home. I can lay out my VISA card right next to me, sip on my morning coffee, and go through my list of coupon codes, free shipping offers, and bargains. There are no lines. There is no chaos. It doesn’t get any better than that! The only wait you have as a Cyber Monday shopper is the wait for the purchase to arrive at your doorstep.
Shopping online has become a growing trend as shoppers become more comfortable making online purchases. With Black Friday, it is an instant purchase, product in hand. With Cyber Monday, it is an instant purchase, product en route.

Often times, Black Friday has become a tradition amongst family and some shopping plans incorporate the “you-go-here-i-go-there” technique and we’ll meet at “store C”.
That strategy works well if you are adament about getting into the store, making your purchase, and getting out of the store to move onto the next.

As technology becomes more advanced and merchants become more competitive amongst each other online, Cyber Monday will be more of a tradition for shoppers. For merchants it is a win-win.