Google-owned online video portal YouTube today announced the launch of its local Indian site
YouTube India has a localized homepage and search functions. The Indian version has local features like promoted videos, featured videos, homepage promotions, localized user interface and help center, user support and community features (such as video ratings, sharing and content flagging).
Content uploaded by Indian users will show up as ‘top favorites’ and ‘recommended content’ on the local YouTube site.
The localized site also aims to facilitate connections among the large Indian NRI community.
“For a culture that is steeped both in video and storytelling, and where everyone has a voice – YouTube India will not only offer Indian users more relevant content but also provide a platform to share India’s unique and diverse culture and lifestyle with the largest online video community in the world,” said Steve Chen, CTO and co-founder of YouTube.
YouTube allows users to watch and share originally created content.