The newest innovation from Izea is out of alpha testing and available to the public to join in on. Yes that’s right, I’m talking about SocialSpark.

Bloggers can message, comment or talk to advertisers directly and of course, bloggers can communicate with others bloggers too. It is free in borders. While advertisers can do the same things like bloggers too.
This extremely new platform, Social Spark brings a few outstanding changes. The main changes of course are to bring benefits for both parties. 1stly, they are search engine friendly, nobody is going to be get harmed again. And bloggers can write about what they want, it is no limitation and restriction. So, who is using Social Spark? So far there seems to be quite a few people on SS. Even Daisy the Curly Cat is on Social Spark! Her blog is one of my favorite blogs to read so I had to link to her profile. :)

It’s an interesting community where Bloggers gather and meet each other. And also to meet advertisers who want to sponsor posts on your blog.

If you’re interested to be one of member in this community, join now at SocialSpark

Find a few like-minded new friends. Help each others’ blog out. Build up PageRank. Better opportunities!