One trusted company when it comes to precast concrete is Jensen Precast. From its humble beginnings in the 60’s, this company has grown to became a recognize manufacturer of standard and custom precast concrete products to meet large-scale infrastructure demands for highway construction, retaining walls, electric and gas utility, telecommunications, water, on-site wastewater, and sewage applications. Their products range from variety of usage like precast concrete septic tanksto cattle guard footings. An extensive list of their products is available on their site,

Jensen Precast does not only offer precast concrete products. They also offer engineering services to help costumers design and select the best product for any application. They provide recommendations and guidance on a wide range of civil engineering applications. Their engineering team consists of professional engineers, AutoCAD designers, and draftsmen who all qualified and experienced in precast concrete design.

So if you’re in need of precast concrete products or engineering services, visit because they certainly have what you need.