Trying to discover innovative methods to steal the show? Here’s an answer to all your questions as to how to stand out during the meetings at your workplace. Preparation and confidence are the two key factors that you would need to distinguish yourself in a meeting. If you are well prepared and have full confidence in yourself no one can beat you to making yourself noticeable in a meeting. Here are a few tips on how you can ‘wow’ one and all in a meeting.
Prepare for the meeting well in advance. Take notes recording your thoughts on the topics and do anything else you need to do to prepare for the meeting – whether it be reading an article or having a quick conversation with any of your team members.
Always show up for the meeting on time or a few minutes early so that you are all set for the meeting when it begins. Making it to the meeting on time which shows your colleagues and seniors that you are very time conscious and that you value others time. This even helps you in creating a good impression in front of your team.

Being very focused is very important when you are in a meeting, set aside all your other activities for a while and pay attention to what is happening during the meeting. Maintaining an eye to eye contact could help you to a very great extent in avoiding distractions when you are in a meeting. Keep all your personal work aside when you are in a meeting.

Do be a very active member in the meeting. Give full participation and keep giving helpful suggestions. Be very sure that you are not to taking over the meeting. Give an equal chance to all the other members in the meeting to be a part of it. This will help in building a good rapport with them and they will get more confidence in you and your skills.
Always try and challenge ideas in a very professional manner, be sure to add a better idea whenever you reject one. Do not attack anyone during a meeting, and never ever get into an argument.
Confidence and positive attitude are very important during the meeting. Have confidence that you know what you are talking about and that you are adding valuable input to the meeting. Phrase your suggestions and challenges in a positive way, and encourage others to do the same during the meeting.
Always follow up on meetings. Make a note of the things that need to be handled after the meeting and do complete them as soon as possible. If you get new ideas after the meeting, make a suggestion for a new meeting by sending a quick email or setting up an appointment with the person planning the next meeting.