Care should be taken when communicating fault information to developers and managers. In ancient Greece messengers who brought bad news were executed so some things have improved! 🙂 However, we must still tread carefully.

Dashing up to a developer and saying “You fool, you did this wrong” is not likely to encourage him or her to investigate the problem. More likely the developer will go on the defensive, perhaps arguing that it is not a fault but it is the tester who does not understand it.

A more successful approach may be to approach the developer saying “I don’t understand this, would you mind explaining it to me please?” In demonstrating it to the tester the developer may then spot the fault and offer to fix it there and then.

Cem Kaner (co-author of “Testing Computer Software”) says that the best tester is not the one who finds the most faults but the one who manages to have the most faults fixed. This requires a good relationship with developers.

So from next time when you are raising a defect please follow the above given approach and you’ll c the diference it makes.