The first thing that I have done this New Year is an upgrade of wordpress to the latest  development version 2.7 (named for American jazz great John Coltrane).

Here are some of its new features

  • XMLRPC Comments API 
  • Keyboard shortcuts for comment moderation 
  • Sticky Posts 
  • Theme update api
  • Dashboard and write box rearranging (write box in trunk)
  • One-click plugin installs 
  • Reply to comments from admin 
  • Core updating 
  • Frame-like method for moderating ping/trackbacks
  • Plugin browser embedded 
  • PHPXref hosted on
  • Separate Large and Full image sizes, related improvements 
  • Comment threading 
  • Comment paging
  • Batch and inline editing 
  • HTTPOnly cookies
  • Column hiding for all management pages
  • Post box hiding for all edit pages
  • Upgrades and install over SFTP
  • Template Tag wp_page_menu wrapper for wp_list_pages and support for Home page