Dear Readers,

Your manager/customer asks you for information that you have deleted.
You frantically run and search for that mail from your peers, colleagues, but cannot get the correct information. You curse yourself for using that ” Shift+Del” combination

Not to worry anymore, you can recover those mails now .

How? Here are the steps :

1) First go to Start-Run and Type ‘ regedit’

2) Go to:
registry key.

3) Right click options and add new DWORD VALUE (data type is REG_DWORD) and then right click and rename to DumpsterAlwaysOn. It is case sensitive.

4) Then right click and modify and make the value 1 to turn the Recover Deleted Items menu choice on for all folders or enter 0 to turn it off.

5) Then go to Outlook , choose “Recover deleted items” option from the Tools Menu to get back your “permanently deleted” mails!

Note : This procedure can recover mails which were deleted by pressing shift+del in the past 30 days.
Wait some time to recover….

Thanks Akhil for sharing the tip 🙂