Here is one Security Testing Checklist that may help you
1. Are all the Internet-facing servers within the system registered with the corporate web office?
2. Do the test plans for the system include tests to verify that security functionality has been properly
3. If the system is rated high on the business effect assessment or if it is Internet facing, has the
company security office been consulted to determine whether or not additional security testing
is required?
4. Has the security test covered the following?
a. application testing
b. back doors in code
c. denial of service testing
d. directory permissions
e. document grinding (electronic waste research)
f. exploit research
g. firewall and application control list
h. intrusion detection systems
i. manual vulnerability testing and verification
j. network surveying
k. password cracking
l. PBX testing
m. port scanning
n. privacy review
o. redundant automated vulnerability scanning
p. review of IDS and server logs
q. security policy review
r. services probing
s. social engineering
t. system fingerprinting
u. trusted systems testing
v. user accounts
w. wireless leak tests