Free Half-Day Meet-up for Selenium, soapUI, HTMLUnit, TestGen4Web, Windmill and other open-source test tools.
This workshop will cover open source testing tools and how to lower your total cost of testing by leveraging the latest and best open source testing tools, cloud technology and best testing practices.
You can reserve your seat and find out more details at
 Frank Cohen, or Peter Schumacher, the leading authorities for testing and optimizing software developed with Web, SOA, AJAX and REST designs and implementations, will lead the meet-up.

Module 1: The why, what, and how of open-source build and test tools vs. traditional tools
Module 2: Testing using record/playback and scripting tools
Module 3: Identifying and solving performance bottlenecks in Rich Internet Applications (Web 2.0 and Ajax)
Module 4: Root cause analysis and mitigation in Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) testing
Module 5: Making the best use of Open Source Test tools with traditional tools, including HP Mercury Quality Center, QuickTest Pro, Borland Silk, and others.
Questions and Answers
Every attendee will receive fully working copies of the open source test tools, including Selenium, soapUI, PushToTest, TestGen4Web, and many others taught in this class.