Hi I am Himanshu and I write Techieminds …

I started blogging in 2006….started with 2-3 blogs but now Techieminds is the only one that is getting updated..

I am a simple person who believes in living life to the fullest…I can talk non-stop with those whose company i enjoy & not speak a word with those who make me feel uncomfortable.

I’m an extremely straightforward person. Speak against anything I don’t like , irrespective of the consequences.

Am bad at hiding feelings – my likes & dislikes r obvious from my expressions

Hate diplomatic people & those who try to b what they r not.

Love ppl who speak from their heart , coz thats the way I am !

Don’t remember the last time I got angry or had a fight with someone.Its quite hard to piss me off. I have my moods – at times , i hv a desperate urge of going out n partying & meeting ppl.

And there r times , i just want to b left at home – watching tv , lying in bed in front of my computer reading blogs. etc..etc…Have an extremely strong will-power {I think so ;)}.

Try my best to get something i’ve set my heart on. Dream a LOT…have lots of them painted for the future..some of them have been completed and I have framed them in my subconscious mind. .

At professional level I have close to 7+ years of experience in software testing, Extensive exposure in Service oriented architecture, expertise in functional, performance, load and security testing of  SOA web services.

My articles on SOA Testing that has been published on QAGUILD

*SOA-Service Oriented Architecture

*Testing SOA- An Overview

so thats about me..Feel free to mail me at himanshu (at) techieminds.org..or in case you have something interesting to share just jott it down in comments below..