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Upgraded to WordPress 2.7.1

I have today upgraded my blog to WordPress 2.7.1 which is a a maintenance release, upgrade was very easy as WordPress 2.7 gives you an option to do it automatically whenever a new update is available.

In the release Sixty-five files were modified with 68 bug and feature fixes and improvements.

Some of the fixes and feature improvements include:

Some additional security measures were taken in this release to make protect it from future vulnerabilities as part of the ongoing work by WordPress to make it as safe and secure as possible.

According to the WordPress Download Counter, WordPress 2.7 has been downloaded 1,872,184 times since December 10, 2008


The first thing that I have done this New Year is an upgrade of wordpress to the latest  development version 2.7 (named for American jazz great John Coltrane).

Here are some of its new features

  • XMLRPC Comments API 
  • Keyboard shortcuts for comment moderation 
  • Sticky Posts 
  • Theme update api
  • Dashboard and write box rearranging (write box in trunk)
  • One-click plugin installs 
  • Reply to comments from admin 
  • Core updating 
  • Frame-like method for moderating ping/trackbacks
  • Plugin browser embedded 
  • PHPXref hosted on
  • Separate Large and Full image sizes, related improvements 
  • Comment threading 
  • Comment paging
  • Batch and inline editing 
  • HTTPOnly cookies
  • Column hiding for all management pages
  • Post box hiding for all edit pages
  • Upgrades and install over SFTP
  • Template Tag wp_page_menu wrapper for wp_list_pages and support for Home page 

Free WordPress themes

Here are some free wordpress themes.


Download Theme

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2.Sky in Orange WordPress Theme

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Description:A simple and stylish search engine friendly 2-column theme

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3. Adsense Ready WordPress Theme 02

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Upgraded to WordPress 2.5

Today I have upgraded my blog to WordPress 2.5 [Brecker], Some of the exciting new features in WordPress 2.5 are an all new customizable dashboard, support for multi-file upload, one-click plugin upgrades(I like this one 😉 ), faster load times, built-in galleries and much more.

New User Features in WordPress 2.5

  • Cleaner, faster, less cluttered dashboard
  • Dashboard Widgets
  • Multi-file upload with progress bar
  • Bonus: EXIF extraction
  • Search posts and pages
  • Tag management
  • Password strength meter
  • Concurrent editing protection
  • Few-click plugin upgrades
  • Friendlier visual post editor
  • Built-in galleries

As usual before starting upgrade take a backup of your previous wordpress installation.

This time the dev guys has made some DB level changes too..So make sure you follow the official WordPress instructions while upgrading.

I have successfully upgraded my installation and all my plugins are working great on this…

So if you don’t have something to do…go ahead and upgrade your WordPress installation ‘coz this new version is very good.

Techieminds is now mobile-ready, thanks to plugin developed by Andy. Those who wish to access this blog via their mobile devices, such as Smartphones or PDAs, are now

able to do so with minimal cost since the plugin strips the blog down to only text.


There are a few mobile phone emulators available so you can see how your site will perform on a number of devices. The options page for the plugin will show you a link to the mTLD emulator. While emulators are handy nothing compares to testing on real handsets.

If you wanna make your wordpress blog mobile also you can use this WordPress Mobile Plugin


Upgraded to WordPress 2.3.3

Today I received a prompt to upgrade my wordpress installation to WordPress 2.3.3, It is an urgent security release that caters to flaw wrt XML-RPC implementation, here are the details.
If you have registration enabled a flaw was found in the XML-RPC implementation such that a specially crafted request would allow a user to edit posts of other users on that blog. In addition to fixing this security flaw, 2.3.3 fixes a few minor bugs. If you are interested only in the security fix, download the fixed version of xmlrpc.php and copy it over your existing xmlrpc.php. Otherwise, you can get the entire release here.

Also, there is a vulnerability in the WP-Forum plugin that is being actively exploited right now. If you are using this plugin, please remove it until an update is available from its author.

The upgrade only took 3 minutes, so if you are using version 2.3.2 I’ll advice you to upgrade ASAP.


Fall Season 1.2

Sadish released a new version of Fall Season 

Updated on Sep 27 2007, for WP 2.3 Compatibility and Tag Support

It is based on an open source design called ZenLike by NodeThirtyThree.

Specifications Include :

Theme Options Page,
Support for Asides etc

It looks like this.

Live Preview | Download Version 1.2

Thanks Sadish for this wonderful theme 🙂