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A blog is intended to express my opinions or thoughts, therefore my thoughts and opinions are not “wrong” as such and you should not claim they are, they are opinions. Anyone thinking otherwise is spoiling for a brawl.

Messages posted generally won’t be erased, however if you disagree with something, I grant you the permission to state so by clicking “Add Comment.” This however is not to be abused, as a means to be Anti-Social, or use appalling or degrading laguage.. about or towards myself or my actions. I, of course, reserve the right to delete comments. You want to delete comments too? Get your own blog!

By sending me a comment or electronic mail/message you acknowledge that I may post your e-mail / message and reserve all rights to the message and anything else associated with it.

If you decide to post derogatory comments or other comments expressive of a low opinion about either myself or anything contained within or outside this domain relating to me, I reserve the right to write comments expressive of a low opinion about your site (or anything relating to you) too ;-).

Post Script
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The user is expected to cross check any information posted here and is solely responsible for any consequences of use of the information on the Site for any purpose whatsoever.


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