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Here is something that will help in these difficult times….

The recession is viral and it has spread like wildfire. Few businesses have escaped the effects of the ongoing economic recession. The downturn has made it difficult to manage morale and take care of employee needs. Workplace motivation has plummeted, and things are only threatening to get worse. It is important to keep your team motivated during this recession. Here are six great tips for motivating your team in the face of adversity.

Be Honest

Honesty is the best policy when it comes to motivating your team. Employees will be questioning how their jobs and lives will be impacted by the recession. Don’t sugarcoat the information that you provide. Deliver clear messages and be honest about what is going on in your business.

Stop Gossip in its Tracks

Gossip is the number one killer of workplace motivation. Rumors about layoffs, cutbacks, or pay freezes can set your employees’ minds in motion. When you hear rumors floating around the workplace, squelch them as quickly as possible. If something becomes pervasive and problematic, you might have to hold a special meeting to boost team motivation.

Get Out of the Office

Motivating your team will be much easier if you all get out of the office and relax. Organize an offsite lunch or special outing as a means of energizing your team and stirring up creativity. This type of team motivation activity may come at a high price, but the positive return will be worth the investment.


Workplace motivation during a recession will also be impacted by things that are happening in your employees’ personal lives. Practice active listening skills and be sensitive to the needs and concerns of your employees.

Don’t Let Fear Cause Paralysis

Whenever there is a crisis of any kind, fear is often times a factor that gets teams off track. With the many threats that recession poses, your employees will be extremely susceptible to fear. Don’t let fear have a negative impact on team motivation. Exercise control over the things which can actually be controlled, and dismiss worries about those which cannot.

Recognize and Reward Accomplishments

Motivating your team with recognition and rewards for accomplishments is the most effective means of keeping things moving during this recession. While there may not be money in the budget for tangible rewards, a certificate of recognition, thank you note, or pat on the back goes a long way when it comes to workplace motivation.

Implementing a combination of these strategies can enhance team motivation in your workplace. The most important thing to remember during this recession is that people and relationships need to be managed with care while it is upon us. Keep the lines of communication between you and your employees open so that you can be successful in stopping the spread of fear and encouraging teamwork. While you cannot control the economy, you can exercise some influence over workplace motivation.

(from morebusiness.com)


Fantastic analysis, but also hope this isnt true


 Look at the pattern below followed by terrorists:

13 May ——– JAIPUR

June ——————-

26 July———— AHMEDABAD

August —————————

13 September———— DELHI

October ————————-

26 November————— MUMBAI

December —————————-

13 January —————– Where Next? 

Next might be
: Lucknow/Kanpur

Then Goa….

If this happens, it’ll complete a pattern…. Symbol of Jews….Blasts resembling killing jews….starting from the country which projects itself as global-conglomeration of all religions.


In case you come across any suspicious activity, any suspicious movement

or have any information to tell to the Anti-Terror Squad, please take a

Note of the new ALL INDIA TOLL-FREE Terror Help-line “1090”.

Your city’s Police or Anti-Terror squad will take action as quickly as


Remember that this single number 1090 is valid all over India This is a

toll free number and can be dialed from mobile phones also.

Moreover, the identity of the caller will be kept a secret.

Let us make each and every citizen of India aware about this facility.

Please forward this mail to as many people as possible, and tell everyone individually. 

After what happened in Mumbai on 26th Nov.. nobody is secure mind it. Let politicians and security forces do their jobs. Be alert at your own risk


You might be working harder and longer in a desperate bid to succeed, but if you are doing so at the cost of your health, then you need to get rid of those workaholic habits.
The seven worst habits of workaholics
“Many people feel like they have to push themselves to unhealthy levels in order to succeed. But high-pressure jobs and long hours take a real toll on your immediate and future health,” said George Griffing, M.D., professor of internal medicine at Saint Louis University.
These are the seven worst habits of workaholics, according to Griffing.
Forgetting to relax
While some stress can be good because it keeps you alert and motivated, too much stress or chronic stress will take its toll on your body.
Eating on the go
Between meetings, conference calls and deadlines, workaholics forget to take out time to sit down for a healthy lunch. But a good meal is exactly what a person needs to stay mentally sharp throughout the day.
Putting off sleep for work
Even busy professionals need seven to nine hours of sleep every night. Missing out on sleep can lead to irritability, difficulty concentrating, memory problems and poor judgment. It has also been linked to obesity.
Not making time for exercise
Getting at least 30 minutes of exercise most days is very important to immediate and future health.
Working even when sick
Many people come to work despite being ill. But there are three common sense reasons to stay home – Nobody wants your germs, you’ll be less productive and you need your rest to get better.
Drinking (too much)
Excessive drinking can lead to alcoholism, liver disease and some forms of cancer.
Skipping annual medical checkups
In order to detect problems early, prevent others from developing and get the best treatment if you have a condition, you need to know what’s going on in your body.
Source: ANI

Follow these tips to tackle any difficult situation be it a job interview or your life..

1.Don’t put yourself down

2.Don’t apologize for being you

3.Be decisive don’t say may be. Say yes or no

4.Don’t say I can’t instead say, may be I can I’ll try it

5.Don’t procrastinate (postponing)

6.Think about your positive points

7.Volunteer more often

8.Dream a little

9. Set Goals.

10.Play the part

Let me know if u have some more…